UB Faculty Staff Campaign

As a major research university, UB offers unlimited opportunities to match donors’ interests with investment opportunities—from the arts and sciences to technology and business, to health care and education and other new areas we are beginning to discover.


  • Better research. By creating opportunities for flexibility and innovation not often provided by other traditional funding mechanisms, your financial support allows the University at Buffalo to bridge gaps in scholarship and student-experience funding, provide seed funding for innovative research and improve operations. 


  • Great working environment. As a result of your efforts, UB continues to be an exceptionally attractive place to work and to teach. When we continue to attract the best faculty and staff, we all benefit 


  • Total flexibility. We know you may have a specific area you feel passionately about. That’s why you can specify the exact fund (or funds) you'd like your gift applied to.  


When you give to the UB Faculty Staff Campaign, you help build the future of UB today. 

Faculty and Staff Match
Provost Chip Zukoski and his wife Barbara Morgan have generously agreed to match each gift dollar for dollar from current UB faculty and staff who have not made a gift this fiscal year (July 1, 2018-present) (up to $5,000).
$5,000 MATCHED
Office of Student Life Staff Challenge
When 50 current Student Life staff members make a gift to UB, Scott Weber, Vice President for Student Life and Jo Ann Weber will generously donate $2,000 to Student Life.
50 / 50 Gifts
Young Alumni Match
Dr. Stephen Still, BS '76, will generously match all gifts dollar for dollar (up to $20,000) made from young alumni (identified as 35 or younger) during UB Giving Day. In addition, members of the Young Alumni Leadership Council will add to Dr. Stills challenge, adding an additional $1,100 match.
$15,589 MATCHED
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