UB Fund

When we demand more, students achieve more. And the UB Fund is how we help them accomplish amazing things. The UB Fund is how students can:


  • Think bigger. The UB Fund ensures students have access to world-class professors, distinguished scholars and researchers.  


  • See deeper. Your gift to the UB Fund helps nurture and empower students’ entrepreneurial spirit, provides cultural outreach opportunities and immersive, hands-on learning experience. 


  • Learn better. Recognizing not all students are alike, the UB Fund also supports creative ways and spaces in which students learn and collaborate outside the four walls of a classroom. 


  • Reach higher. For those who are in need, the UB Fund helps with financial support so students may fulfill their dreams. 


The UB Fund’s sole purpose is to enhance the student experience—and your gift is what makes it possible. 

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Or you can contact us at annualgiving@buffalo.edu.